A week from tomorrow on November 28th we’ll see a pretty stellar show over at The Stone Fox featuring Mark Fosson, Daniel Bachman, and Lylas. It’s pretty much guitaraunteed to be a good time [see what we did there?] Fosson’s Lost Takoma Sessions were released in 2006 from Drag City after never being properly released from Fahey’s Takoma Records in the late ’70s. Very much worth checking out if you haven’t before. He’ll be in the house with Fredericksburg, Virginia’s Daniel Bachman. Bachman’s now at the ripe age of 22 years old and had one of the year’s best records – Seven Pines – come out on Tompkins Square. It was recorded in Philadelphia and that’s only furthered the comparisons to Virginia’s other son – Jack Rose – who passed in 2009. You can order Bachman’s new record right here and watch a video of him in his house playing the track “Mount Olive Cohoke” below [special appearance by Television Personalities’ …And Don’t The Kids Just Love It]

Wednesday November 28
:: Mark Fosson
:::: Daniel Bachman
:::::: LYLAS
@ The Stone Fox
$TBA – 18+ – 8PM

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