We’re always excited to get a new batch of records from the guys over at Sing Sing Records. Especially with the ones slated to drop later this month. Particularly the 1975 self-titled album from TV Smith’s Sleaze. The band scraped some money up and got together in 1974 to record an album in Torquay. After a two-hour recording session with no overdubs – this album was the end result. They pressed a whopping total of 50 copies and dispersed them primarily to friends and family. So – duh – this record is hard to come by. TV Smith went on to do bigger and better things with The Adverts and the album was lost to obscurity until the Sing Sing guys came along. Our memories don’t always serve us so well and we can’t recall if TV Smith played any Sleaze tracks when he was in Nashville with Jay Reatard a few years ago, but whatever. You can listen to the track “Dum De Dum” below. And if you feel like getting some more insight to the album – head over to the Sing Sing site to read TV’s own recollection of the record…

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