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It’s old news at this point, but Ty Segall and his band performed last week on The Late Show with David Letterman and we’d be totally remiss if we didn’t talk about it or bring it up. While we don’t think this is any sort of “peak” for Ty, we do think this is a pretty nice bookend for what’s been an absolutely incredible and productive year. As a friend pointed out to us, between various singles and the three LPs released with his name on them [Hair, Slaughterhouse, Twins] Ty’s got a total of around 34 songs under his belt in 2012. The Fab Four had 35 of their own in 1964. All of this taking place amidst worldwide tours, helming the production of a few records [Heavy Cream’s Supertreatment and Ex-Cult’s debut S/T album out next week] and also being a total human being. Whether it was purposeful or not – Ty and his band have claimed the 2012 year outrightly for themselves. And that’s a claim we think most would agree to be unwavering. Unlike most televised live performances – Ty and the band’s left nothing to be desired. It was vicious and loud and something we never really thought we’d actually see happening on national TV. A totally reassuring wake-up to know that things can be fucking gnarly and real if you want them to be. If you failed to catch it the first time around or even if you didn’t, we really suggest checking it again below…

Ty Segall will be playing at The End on Monday January 28th with Ex-Cult. You can get your tickets now – which would probably be a good idea. Thanks for the solid year, guys.

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