Last week we saw news from Hunx about his new record label and then on Friday we caught word of another new label helmed by one of our favorite artists: Tim Presley’s Birth Records. They’re jumping into things by releasing the debut self-titled album of Jessica Pratt. Tim claims that he never really wanted to start a record label, but that Jessica’s voice and music are so beautiful that he had to put it out. We’re very glad that he did. It seems as though Jessica has been a sort of elusive flower in the San Francisco scene: playing shows very rarely, but also creating some incredible mystic folk music. First listen will definitely throw your mind towards the notions of “this sounds like some old unearthed classic record” – and you’d be right because it totally does sound that way. But it’s 2012 and Jessica Pratt’s keeping the beauty alive. You can listen to the track “Night Faces” below and go here to order the album. We’re not sure as to whether Tim will be releasing more records under the Birth Records labelname, but we’re hopeful and we’ll definitely be keeping you posted…

Jessica Pratt – Jessica Pratt [Birth Records]

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