Photo by Bekah Cope

Hunx keeps himself busy. His latest endeavor: starting his own record label to put out singles from his friends and cohorts. Wacky Wacko [who’s logo you can see below] is jumping in with two brand new singles. The first comes from H.U.N.X. himself – a Halloweenie club jam titled “I Vant To Suck Your Cock” that has Seth leaving the guitars behind for something different. You can listen to it right over here. The second single comes from Saba Lou – King Khan’s daughter. You might remember she had a single come out back in 2007 on Rob’s House Records – now it’s five years later and she’s definitely grown more into it. Aside from being totally charming and cute – it’s a pretty sweet song. You can check that one out at the bottom of the post. Head over to the Wacky Wacko shop and snag both of the singles now. There’s a whole lot of other stuff in their shop, too – so get at it…

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