Olivia Wyatt – The Pierced Heart and the Machete

Third Man’s got a few parties lined up for this week and they’re both worth your time. The first one happens tomorrow night when they screen a couple of Olivia Wyatt’s films. It starts at 7PM – which means you’ll have plenty of time to jump over to The Stone Fox after for People’s Temple – and you can check out the trailer for Staring Into The Sun below. That along with The Pierced Heart & The Machete should give you your fill of ethno-folk cinema. Both movies come courtesy of Sublime Frequencies and this will be your only chance to see them here in Nashville – so don’t miss it. TMR’s also got their buddy Seasick Steve coming for a show on October 26th. That one will be recorded direct to acetate and available later down the line as a live full length. Promised Land are opening that show and they’ll be getting the live 7″ honors. Pretty sick. Speaking of live LPs and 7″s – they’ve also just released the Black Lips live effort and a Cheap Time live single. Head down to the storefront and grab some tickets and records – or head here.

 Tuesday October 24
:: The Films of Olivia Wyatt
@ Third Man Records
$10 – 7PM

Friday October 26
:: Seasick Steve
:::: Promised Land
@ Third Man Records
$10 – 16+ – 8PM

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