The guys over at Pitchfork just posted a new video they’ve put together regarding the involvement of psychedelic drugs and music and their current role in music today called Music and the Psychedelic Mind. If you’ve got 20 minutes or so to spare, it’s a pretty interesting watch. They talk to Tim Presley of White Fence, The Growlers, a few professors, and a lot of other people about how the use of drugs can interplay with how they make and perceive music. They also show the correlation between music of a specific era to the drug of choice during that time. Pretty “duh” but also neat. The word “psychedelic” gets thrown around a lot lately and has grown to encapsulate a whole new meaning – revolving more around the world of dubstep and grime than it’s original roots in rock and roll and pop music. Not saying that’s a bad thing or anything – just change. We kinda think there’s nothing “psychedelic” about these times at all – but that’s just us. We’re not really trying to condone or promote the use of drugs with this – but whatever. We actually kind of find ourselves on the other end of the spectrum [getting high off sleep deprivation/meditation/eating healthy/exercise …. real punk shit] Anyway – give it a watch…

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