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Last Thursday we got a visit from our Memphis brothers – Ex-Cult – who are gearing up for GonerFest and the release of their new Goner single “M.P.D.” which will see light on October 16th. It’s the first single off their debut album which is also being released by Goner Records a little later this year. They spent a stint of time out in San Francisco making the record with Ty Segall and Eric Bauer and you can hear the first bits of it below. It’s pretty fucking gnarly. The track premiered a little earlier this morning on the P4k and we never thought we’d see the day where they’d make mention of Vile Nation – but who’d a thunk? Ex-Cult are playing Saturday night of GonerFest alongside The Spits, GG King, The Persuaders, and White Wires. The B-side of the new single features a Chosen Few cover of “No Fun on the Beaches” which totally slayed live last week.

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  1. EX-CULT says:


  2. koolaid drinker says:

    set blew me the fuck away at ND birthday bash. can’t wait for the new record. bummed the ND 7″ is sold out.

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