Have you guys seen this weather? Really though – have you seen it? It’s great. Wow. Nothing better than hanging outside on a nice Nashville Fall day except maybe doing it at a record shop while a sick in-store is going on – which just so happens to be the case for tomorrow at The Groove. Majestico have a brand new single – Love Is God – from Jeffrey Drag Records and they’ll be celebrating it’s release with an in-store in East Nashville alongside a couple newer bands and free booze. They’ll be joined by Ranch Ghost, The Promised Land, and Western Medicine – two newer bands that are both very much worth your time. Promised Land features brothers Joey and Evan Scala along with honorary third brother Sean Thompson – all of whom you should recognize from other bands they’ve been in over the last couple years. Western Medicine features Justin Landis of The Cannomen switching roles to guitar and frontman – producing some pretty sick post-punk stylings in the vein of Television Personalities and Wire. So basically what we’re saying is you can go to The Groove tomorrow at 4PM and the weather will be nice and there will be free beer and you can see some good bands for free and then you have the whole rest of the night too. THATS A DEAL

Saturday September 22
:: Majestico – LOVE IS GOD 7″ Release
:::: Ranch Ghost
:::::: Promised Land
:::::::: Western Medicine
@ The Groove
$FREE – All Ages – 4PM

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