Ty Segall, Seth Sutton, Dillon Watson – I HATE THE KIDS

Ok so yesterday we unloaded about the limited copies of D. Watusi’s DARK PARTY that we’ll have for sale tomorrow at our big birthday show – today it’s time to fill you in on the “secret 7″” that we’re releasing. It’s a single featuring two tracks – the A-Side coming from a collaboration between Ty Segall and Seth Sutton [Useless Eaters] that is one of the gnarliest songs we’ve heard all year titled “I Hate The Kids” and the B-Side features Ty and Dillon Watson [D. Watusi] pounding out a cover of Brian Eno’s “Needles In The Camel’s Eye” – you can hear the A-Side below and check out the B-side here. And that picture up there is the artwork done by our very own Julia Bee. Like we’ve said before – this single will only be available to those in attendance at our 3rd Birthday Show tomorrow night at The Zombieshop. It won’t hit our online shop. It won’t hit your record shop. Gotta come out and party and pick it up in person. A few people have already been asking about prices on these things – the single will cost a regular $5 and the Dark Party LP will run you $10. Keep it cheap for the people! SEE YOU TOMORROW!

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  1. Mike says:

    Lordy me, I need to find me one of these!!!!

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