We can’t believe it’s actually happening… the long lost Barbaras album will actually be seeing the light of day come this October 30th via Goner Records. If that’s not news worth getting excited about – we don’t know what is. Barbaras were the ultimate party band – hailing from Memphis, TN and later incurring a few changes to later be sort of reincarnated as Magic Kids. They released their Summertime Road 7″ in 2008 on Goner and if you’ve ever caught one of our DJ sets around town then you’ve probably heard us spin it. It’s pop perfection. The band recorded with Jay Reatard on and off during his busy touring schedule and Jay eventually├é┬árecruited Billy Hayes and Stephen Pope for his own band – the group fizzled from there. This record is a compilation of those recordings spanning from 2006-2008 that have since been touched up and finished and readied for you. You can preview some of the tracks right over here. Strongly encourage you to go out and get this one – easily one of the best releases you’ll see around here this year. Click below for album artwork and tracklisting…

2006-2008 [GONER Records – Oct. 30. 2012]

1) Day At The Shrine
2) Heaven Hangs
3) Grief Touches Everyone
4) Topsy Turvy Magic
5) Superball
6) Only One
7) Breathing Underwater
8) Devour the Jungle Deer
9) Grey Eggs
10) Flow
11) Why Should I Love You
12) Bluebirds
13) How Many Times
14) Summertime Road
15) Annual Botanical

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