Wiccans – Field II

We mentioned a good while back when Austin natives Wiccans were touring across the nation that they had their new album – Field II – prepped for release via Katorga Works and it’s now here for your listening pleasures. Like the video that debuted a while back for the tracks “Field II” and “Nest of Vipers” would probably lead you to believe – this new album has Wiccans traveling to uncharted territories for the band. Katorga Works describes the record as a sort of Tyranny & Mutation-era Blue Oyster Cult gone hardcore punk. We think that’s pretty fitting so we won’t try to expound upon it much more. Check it out in it’s entirety right here. And you can order it from the kind folk at KW right here. Wiccans were here earlier this Summer and it was a pretty vicious party. Hopefully they’ll be back soon…

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  1. pennyrounder says:

    just to clear it up, “be nice to your kids” is the name of the video production team. the two songs are called “field II” and “Nest of Vipers”

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