It’s getting to be that time of year again. Every year in later September/early October our buddies in Louisville gear up for their annual Cropped Out Festival: an eclectic and really impressive event showcasing some of the best current acts across the nation. This year’s lineup is no different with R Stevie Moore, Lil’ B, Chain & The Gang, Jandek, Lantern, Slug Guts, and whole lot more slated to play. It’s all going down September 28-30 just a few short hours from our sweller dweller city of Nashville, TN – so we think it’s well worth the trip up [unless you’re already planning on going to GonerFest which happens to fall on the same weekend. Life is full of tough decisions – this is no exception] We are excited to say that we have two tickets to give away to this year’s festivities! So shoot an email to nashvillesdead@gmail.com and tell us your favorite crop. It can be any crop. Best crops win tickets. You have until September 22nd [that’s this Saturday] so get your emails in now! If contests aren’t really your thing and you’d rather just go ahead and buy tickets – you can go here and scoop them now. Check out the promo video below and click further to see the whole lineup…


Ashcan Orchestra (Brooklyn, NY)
Binary Marketing Show (Little Rock, AR)
Buck Gooter (Harrisonburg, VA)
Black Kaspar (Louisville, KY)
Cave Bears (Providence, RI)
Chain & The Gang (Washington, DC)
Cool Memories (Chicago, IL)
Crys (Indianapolis, IN)
Dahm of Phantom Family Halo (Brooklyn, NY)
David Liebe Hart Band (Los Angeles, CA)
Disco Doom (Zurich, Switzerland)
Eugene Chadbourne (Greensboro, NC)
Gangly Youth (Louisville, KY)
Globsters (Hazard, KY)
Guerilla Toss (Boston, MA)
Jandek (Houston, TX)
Jozef Van Wissem (Brooklyn, NY)
Kark (Louisville, KY)
Lantern (Philadelphia, PA)
Lil B (Berkeley, CA)
Merchandise (Tampa, FL)
Michael Zerang/Darin Gray Duo (Chicago, IL/St. Louis, MO)
Microwaves (Pittsburgh, PA)
Neil Hamburger (Los Angeles, CA)
Papa M (Philadelphia, PA)
PC Worship (Brooklyn, NY)
R. Stevie Moore (Nashville, TN)
Raw Thug (Louisville, KY)
The Ritchie White Orchestra (Louisville, KY)
The Sediment Club (Brooklyn, NY)
Shaved Women (St. Louis, MO)
She Might Bite (Louisville, KY)
Slug Guts (Brisbane, Australia)
Street Gnar (Lexington, KY)
TV Ghost (Lafayette, IN)
Wet (Louisville, KY)
White Walls (Cincinnati, OH)
Wooden Wand (Lexington, KY)

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