We love when a good un-Googlable band crops up. The latest? The Best. Not the band from the early 90s with Keith Emerson, John Entwistle, Joe Walsh, and others – but the actual best. These four hail from Austin, Texas and – as you’d probably expect – there are a lot of familiar faces in the band. Orville Neeley [Bad Sports, OBN IIIs, A Giant Dog] and Max Vandever [Flesh Lights] got together sometime in 2011 and wrote some songs that quickly developed into a full set. So they teamed up with Jason of OBN IIIs and Caleb of Bad Lovers to form The Best. This past weekend marked the release of their debut 7″ on Twistworthy Records – a killer two song single featuring “Black Triangle” and “King of The Underground.” It’s a pretty powerful display of rock and roll different from those of the aforementioned bands. The Best have much more of a brutal power pop side to them. Head over to Twistworthy and try to snag a copy. It’s only initial press is a run of 300 – so jump on it! Orville gave us the greenlight for your ears to hear a bit of the new single – so check out “Black Triangle” below…

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