This Thursday we’re getting a show that totally snuck up on us with Colleen Green and Plateaus over at The Zombieshop. It’s always cool when stuff like that sneaks up on you – not uncool like exams and STDs and stuff. Colleen Green has had a couple releases of note recently – including a new single from Hardly Art and a reissued cassette to LP from Art Fag [both of which you can check out here] and she’s hitting the road with San Diego’s Plateaus. HoZac put out a new single for them pretty recently – Do It For You – and you can check out the video for it below. It’s about as infectious and poppy as their debut from Art Fag – culling the likes of Wavves and Fidlar and other beachy bands. Snag it here. The two will be joined by King Karl and Richie for a party so make sure to go ahead and clear your Thursday night because it’s going down after the Local Honey party [more on that in a bit though….]

Thursday August 30
:: Colleen Green
:::: Plateaus
:::::: King Karl
:::::::: Richie
@ ZombieShop
$5 – 18+ – 9PM

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