We’re sure that most of you are already aware of the show going down at FooBar tonight with Milwaukee’s Jaill and our local buddies The Ultras S/C and Tropical Punk, but another mention doesn’t hurt – does it? Jaill just released their third studio album – Traps – from SubPop earlier this year. We haven’t had much time to listen to it so far, but you can go ahead and snag it here if you’d like. They’ll be joined by The Ultras S/C and Tropical Punk to make for a pretty gnarly Tuesday night party. If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground, you might’ve heard about a slew of new singles that Ultras are going to be pumping out real soon. You can check out the track “Black Face Time” right here on their tumblr. Shit’s raw. Anyway – catch you tonight at the Foob for the party…

:: Jaill
:::: The Ultras S/C
:::::: Tropical Punk
@ FooBar
$6 – 21+ – 8PM

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