We get lots and lots of e-mails everyday. Press release upon press release and most of the time it’s for bands that no one should ever hear. But every once in a while our inbox lights up with one of our favorite Infinity Cat newsletters and we get mondo excited. That happened this weekend. As most of you are probably aware, this July we’ll be celebrating the 10th birthday of Infinity Cat Recordings. And they’ve put together a nice party for everyone to wild out at. It’ll go down in a couple weeks on July 20th and 21st [first night at Exit/In and the second at The Zombie Shop] although they haven’t unveiled the full lineup just yet – they have announced the triumphant return of SKYBLAZER. Do you remember Skyblazer? They’re back from JEFF’s Chicago days and featured a Cake Bake Betty and a Brad Holland – and while they only played a handful of shows in Nashville, we can’t wait for them to jump back in. They’ll also be finally releasing the Skyblazer record – Album – gonna be a party. They’ll be releasing another long-awaited LP that weekend when we finally get Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders’ So Bad. Feels like we’ve been waiting on this one for a long time, but we’re glad to finally get it so we can blast it for the rest of Summer. We’ll talk more about that release later though. On top of that, we’ll get performances from Tristen, No Regrets Coyote, Psychic Hotline, Deluxin’, Heavy Cream, Denney & The Jets, and a lot more. So go ahead and mark your calendars and get ready for a total party – those crazy cats! And now… a classic Skyblazer vid for your viewing pleasies…

July 20 & July 21
@ Exit/In and The Zombie Shop

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