Sometimes in our fair little city we get the great fortune of being able to choose between doing a few killer things in one night. Tonight is one of those nights. A special last minute show for Bombino was announced yesterday and it’ll go down tonight at The Zombie Shop with Heavy Cream, Richie, and special DJ James Cathcart. Apparently they just got done jamming out a new record with Mr. Auerbach and wanted this show to bookend their time here in Nashy. That one will run you five bucks. Just a jump across the bridge to Dino’s B&G and there’s the always awesome Poetry Sucks! going on. This time featuring the music of our favorite Ryan Norris’ Coupler, comedy from Chris Crofton, and the artwork of Rachel Briggs [she’s the one that does all their posters!] Really can’t go wrong with either option – so what we’re really saying is that you have no reason to stay in tonight. For those of you interested in making it out to both – Poetry Sucks! starts at 8PM and is over early enough to make the trip to ZombieShop and not miss much of anything. Doo it!

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