Photo by Julia Bee

We made a quick trip up to New York a little bit ago to hang in the NYC stylee [sometimes gotta go check up on our buddies DD666 and Young Gooch] but we were lucky enough to be up there the same time as our favorite Bogus Bros. We caught them filling up Bowery Ballroom on a Sunday night and blowing the roof off like they always do. And they did it with some new songs [opening up the night with the revamped “Dream Theater Dream” which is now “Mystic Portal II”] It felt good. Their new record, which we’re sure you’ve all heard plenty about at this point, is dropping in a very short couple of weeks from Infinity Cat Recordings/Warner Brothers and ICat is about to celebrate their 10 year birthday party. They make us feel so young. But they also make us feel so proud. They just unleashed another new track from Hypnotic Nights featured in NPR’s Summer Music Preview. You can check out “Country Life” right here. JEFF just finished up another tour but will be back out on the road again soon – playing Letterman soon and then with Sabbath at Lollapalooza and heading to Europe later in the same month. Fuck yeah.


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