The Ultras S/C have been kicking around Nashville and the southeastern area for the last 8 months or so and they’ve definitely been proving themselves a force to be reckoned with around here. They’re loud – gnarly – unapologetic – unrelenting – straightforward rock and rollers; just the kind of band you’d want to catch in the backyard at Imogene+Willie. They’ll be playing out there this afternoon alongside The Ettes as another one of I+W’s “Supper & Song” events. The last Ultras show we went to was pretty intense and there were lots of motorcycles and dudes with sideburns. The last show we went to at Imogene+Willie was pretty laid back with lots of dogs and kids and nice jeans. The two should mix together perfectly. The I+W blog says that they’ll be showcasing their quieter – more dynamic side, so prep your ears from some Stooges gone Spacemen vibes. Word on the street is that Ultras stopped in over the weekend to do a little recording so hopefully we’ll be seeing the fruits of that labor real soon. See you tonight!

:: The Ettes
:::: The Ultras S/C
@ Imogene + Willie
All Ages – 6PM

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