The hippies are back – and this time they’re punks! We know you are all probably thinking that Bonnaroo is not really our thing since it’s so huge and “mainstream” or whatever – but what it really comes down to is The Beach Boys, Black Lips, Danzig, Bad Brains, Kurt Vile, PUJOL, St. Vincent, Chi-Peps, Aziz Ansari, GZA, Caitlin Rose and a TON of others were just a short drive from our motherland of Nashville – so who is going to complain and say no to that? Not us. We went down this year with two of our favorite photographers – Emily Quirk and Julia Bee – to catch some of the mayhem and you can see it all for yourself right down there. This year’s festivities were maybe some of the best that Bonnaroo’s had to offer in the last few years, and we’re stoked to see what they’ve got lined up to happen in Manchester next year…

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