Photo by Bekah Cope

If our memory serves us correctly – this Bonnaroo week is maybe the nicest Bonnaroo week we’ve had in Tennessee in like 5 years. Usually the temperatures are already up in the 100s and people are dying in traffic. This year, it’s just like upper 80s while people get bored in traffic. And if you’re not going to Bonnaroo, then you can enjoy this nice weather and hang at Imogene + Willie’s backyard as William Tyler serenades you amongst a sea of expensive jeans. We know we’ve been talking about our William Tyler single for a long time now – but we promise it is coming. If we had our own pressing machine it would’ve been done a long time ago – but we don’t have our own so we’re at the mercy of our buddies at URP. As soon as we’ve got it – you will know. See you all this afternoon!

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