This one has been a long time coming – but it’s finally here. Tomorrow night we’re going to celebrate the release of PUJOL’s debut album United States of Being [Saddle Creek] and we’re gonna do it with some of our favorite people. You are some of our favorite people – so we’re talking about you too. If you’ve yet to listen to the new album – you can stream the entire thing at Rolling Stone right now for free. We highly suggest checking it out as it’s one of our favorite records to come out of Nashville in a little while. Like we talked about when we initially announced the show – this is a special event combining the realms of rock and roll and Poetry Sucks! and Hate Life in an attempt to heal the world and party fucking hardy. So please prepare yourselves for an evening of having mondo fun and enjoying yourself. Sounds good, right? Right. Click below for more information about the show [like where Club Roar is and stuff] We’re proud of Daniel. He is our brother in darkness eternal…

:: Natural Child
:::: PUJOL
:::::: D. Watusi
:::::::: Fox Fun
:::::::::: Poetry Sucks!
:::::::::::: Hate Life
@ Club Roar
$5 – All Ages – 8PM

OK – we know everyone everywhere in Nashville right now is like “What the fuck is Club Roar? Where the fuck is Club Roar?” Well here we are to tell you! Club Roar is a studio space near Alex The Great in Berry Hill. It’s located in the industrial area – sort of between the train tracks and tucked behind the Goodwill outlet. The address is 710 Fessey Park Rd – and that is a screenshot from Google Maps right down there of the building. Would like to go ahead and suggest carpooling to the show if you can as the only parking available is primarily street parking. Would also like to stress at this point that the show IS all ages – but please dont get juiced if you’re not of age – OK? Thanks. Easiest way to get there is to just go down Bransford Avenue and turn onto Fessey. It’s reallly not too hard. Anyway – please come and hang out and have fun and buy a copy of PUJOL’s new album. Records will be spinning around 8 and music should follow shortly thereafter. We’re trying to be prepared and thorough as possible so don’t show up at 10:30ish and be like “dude what the fuck I missed so much” – because you will have missed so much, and we will all laugh at you.

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