Well, we’re getting into our May-groove and getting prepped for full-on Summer and we’re gonna keep it going with a FREE show tonight down at Dino’s. Our good buddy and Nashville’s most solid dude – DD666 – is back in town for a minute and so we’re gonna get together and have a party. You’re all invited. As long as you’re 21+ [sorry children :/ it happens] If you haven’t caught Gnarwhal recently at all, then don’t miss out on this chance to see them. Since they’ve gone to the realm of the two-piece, things have changed a little bit and we think it’s definitely for the better. And any time you can see Mr. Koburn bang unrelentingly on the drums is a good time. Deluxin’ and D. Watusi are on board as well – so come by and grab a burger and hang loose for the Summer…

:: Deluxin’
:::: D. Watusi
:::::: Gnarwhal
@ Dino’s B&G
$FREE – 21+ – 8PM

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