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It’s been a gooood long while since we had the opportunity to pick up some wax from Deluxin’ [last we got was Black/White from Sebastian Speaks a few years ago – which, if you haven’t picked up, is ABSOLUTELY worth your money] But after a few years of cassette releases and online samplings, it looks like we’re in luck this weekend with the release of a brand new Deluxin’ 7″. They’ll be hosting a FREE show over at Little Hamilton on Saturday April 28th to celebrate its release alongside Brain Drain, Submission Skills, and Gnarwhal. That’s a party if we’ve ever heard one. We apologize that we don’t have more information regarding the new single – but whatever just go out and get it. See you guys Saturday night…

Saturday April 28th
:: Deluxin’
:::: Brain Drain
:::::: Submission Skills
:::::::: Gnarwhal
@ Little Hamilton
$FREE – All Ages – 8PM

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