We’re gonna do things a little differently this time around. Usually our buddy boy Television Addict has the bases covered for TEEN BEAT, but this time we’re gonna take the helm and conduct because we wanted to talk about a newer-ish band that features our own little buddy. Talking about the young OGG-lodites, you guys. OGG have been kicking around town for the last little while and showing off their power-pop-prowess and we can’t get enough of it. We sat down with the guys to hit the usual questions and give you a little insight to the minds of the boppers. It’s not as gross as you might think. Anyway – read on and check out a new track from OGG…

Forever Young: What are your names, and what do you play in the band?
Asher Horton: I’m Asher. I play guitar.
Devin Willey: My name is Devin. I am bass.
Ben Parks: I’m Ben. I play guitar and sing
*** Editor’s Note: Ryan Donoho plays the drums. Unfortunately, he could not be a part of this interview. We’re sure his responses would’ve been “whatever” though. ***

FY: How long have you guys been a band? Tell me about the first show…
Asher: I remember us just starting the band around my birthday in may last year, so maybe about 10 or 11 months. The 1st show was at loud house up in greenbriar, where ever that is. It was a total joke. It’s kinda become a tradition of bands I’m in to play their first show at that place then never play there again. Fox Fun did that. It actually wasn’t that bad. I think some of the metal kids were kinda into us. We even covered “Beverly Hills”.
Ben: We’ve been a band for about 6 months I think? Hmmm…I think our first show was at Loudhouse Coffee in Greenbrier, TN with some screamo bands. Pretty awesome…
Devin: I starting with OGG a couple months ago because they needed a replacement. They asked me if I played bass. I said no. They said, you’re in. My first show was at the other basement with Dirty Dreams and Cy Barkley.

FY: What was your last show, and what’s your next?
Asher: By the time people read this our last show will have been with Peach Kelli Pop at The End which is actually today. I believe we’re playing that Movers and Shakers food truck thing next Wednesday.
Ben: Our last show was at the End with Fancy Tramp and Peach Kelli Pop. Our next one is has something to do with food trucks on Wednesday, April 25th.
Devin: We played a couple of shows at The End with touring bands Mind Spiders and PKP. Next we’re playin’ with Dirty Dreams at a Food Truck show.

FY: Three songs you guys are really into right now…
Asher: The Plimsouls – Everyday Things

PF Sloan – Halloween Mary

Wet Illustrated – Satellite Kids

Ben: The Buzzcocks – Nostalgia

Outrageous Cherry – Georgie Don’t You Know

Television – Glory

Devin: Wet Illustrated – Herman’s Head [Sorry, no vid available for this junt. Go scoop 1x1x1]

Sonic Youth – New Hampshire

Pavement – Embassy Row [Editor’s Note: fuck yeah]

FY: All four of you are under 18 – that’s gotta be a bummer sometimes for shows, right?
Asher: Sorta. We usually do fine getting in places. It’s definitely a bummer for our friends though. There aren’t many differences playing all ages and 18+ shows. Especially when that all ages show is a house show. But besides that there are usually more of our friends there and less drunk people. That’s about it.
Ben: It kinda depends on the venue. Some shows our friends can get in, but typically they can’t which is sorta a bummer.
Devin: It kinda sucks during the week when I have school but its worth it. most friends cant come to 18+

FY: Plans for the next 6 months?
Asher: I don’t feel like answering this one. Ryan can answer it.
Ben: Hopefully do some more recording and get something released
Devin: More shows. Record some more.

FY: Plans in the next 25 years?
Asher: Give up music and do something more worthwhile with my life like astrology. I also wanna be a part time substitute and food truck driver/owner.
Ben: Continue to play music
Devin: Just do something involving musoc. Probably learn some business.

FY: When can we expect a physical release from you guys?
Asher: Uhhhh, yeah, i think we’re releasing a song on a 4 way split 7″ and we’re also working on a split tape with our buds Dirty Dreams.
Devin: We’re releasing a split tape soon and then a split seven inch.

FY: At what point should everyone stop referring to you guys as “the kids?” Not that being “kids” is a bad thing – but you know…
Asher: ehhh, I don’t really care. People can call us what they want. We just wanna have fun and play music.
Ben: The kids don’t care
Devin: We just like to play music. We’re almost not kids.

Well – there you have it. Like they said a few times up there, they’ve got a show going down tomorrow at Belmont University along with Dirty Dreams and No Regrets Coyote and a bunch others. So make sure to stop by in the afternoon and get your fill. If you can’t make it there – they’ll be accompanying Natural Child, Gentleman Jesse, and Barreracudas on May 24th at The End – but more about that show later. The song above – “Blue” – will be featured on a to-be-announced-soonly 4way split 7″ – pretty killer. As always, if you’d like your band to be featured in the TEEN BEAT section – just shoot an email telling us about yourself to teenbeataddict@gmail.com. Later nerds.

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