We haven’t heard too much from the Sweet Rot camp in recent memory – they released that Little Queenie single a bit ago [which totally rips] but other than that, things have been relatively quiet. Until the other day when they announced new singles from TV Ghost and Teledetente 666. TV Ghost were just here over the weekend at The Springwater but – unfortunately for us – we totally forgot and missed out. Dumb Record Store Day can do that to your mind sometimes. Sweet Rot will be releasing a new single for the Lafayette rock and rollers in the coming month and you can check out the track “Phantasm” right here. They’re also giving us our first taste of France’s Teledetente 666 – which you can check out below. Noised-out synth jams. Scoop them both when they hit the streets! In the realm of unconfirmed-but-hopefully-true Sweet Rot news, it looks like Cheap Time will have a brand new single coming from them soonly as well.

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