It is probably annoying how much we’ve been posting about White Fence lately – we know. But suck off, White Fence is one of the few bands out there doing the truth right now. Their collaborative record with Ty Segall – Hair – drops next week from Drag City [Here’s a tip though: if you go looking right now – you might already find it out] and Part II of White Fence’s Family Perfume album drops on May 15th. But we just got word yesterday from our buddies at Sex Beat and CMRTYZ that they’ll be releasing a bran new single for Tim on May 21st. 500 copies will be sold stateside and another 500 across the pond. May 21st is the same date that White Fence will be hitting The End with Ty Segall, Useless Eaters, and Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders. Total party. And – who knows – maybe we’ll have our own special release to celebrate that night. Check out the track “Green Balloon” off the new single below – pick up Family Perfume here – pick up Hair here – pick up tickets for May 21st show at The End here – and then watch a video of Tim & Ty playing together. PEACE OUT

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