One of our favorite shows that went down last year was when San Francisco’s Culture Kids rolled through around Thanksgiving. If you were there, then you probably understand what we’re saying. That shit was brutal and punk and borderline scary – which we really don’t get enough of  around here. On that tour and at that show – the guys were selling copies of their 7″ along with test presses of their full length album. We’re a few months after that now and you can officially snag a copy of their self-titled record here from Make A Mess Records. It fucking rips. Easily one of our favorite hardcore albums to have been released in the last couple years – so get your order in now. Check out some tracks for it right here, or check out the track “The Ritual of Misdirected Energy” below… shit’s so sick…

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  1. Josh says:

    This records rules. Do y’all know where I could pick up that 7″?

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