Hammer Screwdriver from London Daily Press on Vimeo.

As much as we try and stop them from happening — bad things still happen. Sometimes it’s bad luck, sometimes it’s bad timing, but whatever bad it is – we’ve found that the only thing to really do is keep going and do your best. The friends and family of Paul Cobb know this. Some of you may recognize Paul from his Indianapolis bands Amo Joy! and The Accordians, but – after his very untimely death at the age of 24 – Paul left behind a series of unfinished and unreleased songs. His friends and family have taken it upon themselves to finish and release the collection under the project’s name Hammer Screwdriver. You can check out all the tracks from Paul’s charming bedroom recordings here, or listen to the track “Eden” below. And – if you feel so inclined – you can make a donation to the project right here. Do the right thing!

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  1. JamesFurness says:

    this project is going to be soooo good. i cant wait to hear it on vinyl and hear these beautiful songs played live.

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