We’ve yet to see the latest batch of Sing Sing reissues pop up anywhere in Nashville and it’s making us pine pretty hard. As they always do – Sing Sing have unloaded a new bunch of records that are more than worth your hard-earned dollars. This time coming in the form of 3 7″s and an LP. A nice reissue of the classic Nasal Boys’ Hot Love 7″ is a welcome addition to any record collection. It’s brash and snotty and really fast and it fucking rules. The Hot Love single was the only release from The Nasal Boys before they changed their name to EXPO in the late ’70s when pursuing to “make it big.” The other single reissued that has us teeming is The Nothing’s Scream ‘N Cry 7″ – Formed in New York and releasing this sole single in 1978, the band featured the eponymous Trixz Sly [RIP] and totally ripped. Check it out here if you’ve never heard it. The LP reissued in this batch comes from one of the best British power pop bands of the ’70s – Rockin’ Horse’s Yes It Is. The record, originally released in 1971 via Phillips, is a gem in itself. You can check out the track “Oh Carol (I’m So Sad)” at the bottom of this post and relish in it’s pop beauty. Greg Shaw of BOMP! Records once said Rockin’ Horse’s “The Biggest Gossip In Town” was the greatest power pop song of all time – he might be right… Anyway — snag all these records we just talked about straight from Sing Sing. Those guys are killing it.

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  1. toot sweet says:

    heck yes, thanks fellas for being so happenin’ as to find this treat of a garage pumper.

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