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Hey now, we are incredibly stoked to see Guitar Wolf in Nashville tomorrow night at 12th and Porter… but maybe even more so to see that Hans Condor have been resurrected and will be joining them on stage. The two bands have had a pretty involved relationship over the last couple years – touring all over the US a few times. Most recently with Cheap Time on board last year. We haven’t heard any word as to whether or not this is a “one time” sort of thing or if the Condor boys are looking to get things going again – but we’re excited nonetheless. For anyone out there who may have never had the opportunity to catch Hans Condor – 1. You’re lying, you totally had opportunities to see them  2. Don’t fuck it up this time — The show will run you a nice $15 and is 21+ but it’ll definitely be worth it [You can go ahead and snag tickets here if that’s your bag] See you there…

****** CHANGE OF PLANS ******
We’ve heard rumor that Hans Condor have already dropped off the show. Not confirmed yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Get your tissues ready – about to be a cry fest over here
Aaaaand confirmed. Hans Condor have dropped from the show and are being replaced by Snakeskin Machinegun.  

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