Photo by Emily Quirk

If you’ve been keeping close tabs on us over here – then you are well aware how excited we are for the new Heavy Cream record. We’ve been talking about it a whole lot in the last few months since they went out to California to record at the Bauer Mansion with Eric Bauer and Ty Segall. Knowing that – we think your interests should be totally piqued. The album, which has been announced for a May 8th release date from our favorite Infinity Cat Recordings, is titled Super Treatment and you can check out the artwork right down there. The last bit of wax we got from the creamies was their Volcom split 7″ with RTX [which you can hear below] We think they’ve been pushing themselves in a new direction that has them evolving from party rockers to tuff-gnarly-rock and rollers. Not that they weren’t before — but you know what we mean. We’re sure there’ll be a nice party to celebrate the album’s release, so keep your ears to the ground. And if Heavy Cream are coming to a city near you — GO OUT AND SEE ‘EM

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