Photo by Emily Quirk

We did it! We FREAK’d! You guys don’t mind if we take it easy for a couple days to recover, do you? Ok thanks, we really appreciate it. While we’re doling out thank yous — we want to go ahead and issue a giant blanket THANK YOU to the entire city of Nashville. If you helped promote the shows or played the shows or came and partied or bought some records or ate some leftover cake or freaked out traveled from really far away — thank you. If you didn’t attend or do any of those things — whatever, thank you too. This year’s FREAKIN’ WEEKEND we saw a big rise in the number of out-of-towners in attendance [like a pack of Australian girls and a recently birthdayed  man from the UK] It was a total party and we can’t wait to do it again next year. A special big thank you goes out to Local Honey for letting us run shop within their shop for a few days. Those girlys and boys are the nicest. Anyway…. THANKS NASHVILLE, YOU’RE THE BEST FOREVER.

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