We wanna go ahead and apologize for the lack of posting that’s gonna happen this week. As you could probably expect, we’re up to our ears in stuff we gotta get done and taken care of. It is the WEEK OF THE FREAK after all. We’ve been mentioning this one for a little bit, but it’s time to unload the whole deal on you bebes. We’ve teamed up with our favorites at Local Honey again this year to bring you the second annual Nashville’s Dead Pop-Up Shop. A pop-up shop means we’ll setup shop for a couple days and then we’ll be gone. So come while we’re there and party with us. We’ll be selling lots of records and photo prints and t-shirts and posters and stuff. And we’ll have some sodas and snacks and beers for the “of-agers”. Keep in mind that it’ll be cash only, but there’s an ATM right next door. Like we also mentioned before – there’ll be a couple FREE ALL AGES day shows happening on Friday March 9th with So Jazzy, Feral Beat, Asher Horton and then on Saturday March 10th with SLAMMERS, Habibi, OGG — if it’s rainy, the shows will happen at The Other Basement just down the street. We’ve stumbled upon a couple of previously sold out releases that we’ll be hocking over there — so if you missed out on the first go-round… time to catch up! We’ll also be selling the first copies of the brand new BIG SURR 7″ from Infinity Cat Recordings. Guys – on the real – just come down and buy this shit. Click down there for a whole list of the stuff we’ll be selling….

@ Local Honey [2009 Belmont Blvd.]
Wednesday March 7 – Saturday March 10
12PM – 5PM

From Nashville’s Dead Records
Useless Eaters – Space City 7″
The Paperhead – Yellowbook 7″
Bad Sports – Nothin’ To Do 7″
Sex Cult – Plain Jane 7″
LIVE at Glenn Danzig’s House 7″

From Infinity Cat Recordings
JEFF the Brotherhood – Heavy Days LP
JEFF the Brotherhood – We Are The Champions LP
JEFF the Brotherhood – The Brotherhood of Light LP
JEFF the Brotherhood – Tropics/U Got The Look 7″ [White Vinyl Import]
Heavy Cream – Danny LP
Peach Kelli Pop – S/T LP
Hell Beach – Welcome To Hell Beach LP
PUJOL – 2010 7″
MEEMAW – Glass Elevator 7″
Natural Child – 1971 LP
Natural Child – S/T 7″
Diarrhea Planet – Loose Jewels LP
Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders – Rock Together EP
Denney & The Jets – Killin’ Machine 7″
Uncle Bad Touch – S/T LP
Big Surr – DEBUT 7″

From Turbo Time Records
Turbo Fruits – Where The Stars Don’t Shine 7″
Turbo Fruits – Keepin’ On 7″
Turbo Fruits/PUJOL – Xmas Split 7″
PUJOL – Mayday 7″
PUJOL – Alive At The Same Time 7″

From Third Man Records
JEFF the Brotherhood – LIVE LP
JEFF the Brotherhood – Whatever I Want 7″
The Greenhornes – ★★★★ LP
The Greenhornes – Saying Goodbye 7″
PUJOL – Black Rabbit 7″
Jacuzzi Boys – LIVE LP
Nobunny – LIVE LP
Davila 666 – LIVE LP
Human Eye – LIVE LP
Tyvek – LIVE LP
Insane Clown Posse – Leck Mich Im Arsch 7″

From Baby Don’t Records
Kintaro – Powerlove 7″
Bass Drum of Death – High School Roaches 7″
Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders – S/T 7″

From Sebastian Speaks Records
Deluxin’ – Black/White LP
Ted Lucas – Om LP
Vernon Wray – Wasted LP
Hilarity or Despair LP
Forrest Bride – S/T LP
John Villemonte – People Like You LP

From Cass Records
Cheap Time – Another Time 7″
D. Watusi – Slave Walls 7″
Ben Blackwell – I Remember When All This Was Trees LP
Ben Blackwell/Brendan Benson 7″
Terrible Twos – Crash The Circuit 7″
The Sugarcoats – S/T 7″
The Mahonies – S/T 7″

From Bruise Cruise Records
The Dirtbombs/Fucked Up – Split 7″
Thee Oh Sees/Quintron & Miss Pussycat – Split 7″
Mikal Cronin/King Khan & The Shrines – Split 7″
Neil Hamburger – A Bruise Cruise Souvenir 7″

From Jeffrey Drag Records
PUJOL – Bonedaddy 7″
Ranch Ghost/Majestico – Split Cassette

From Saddle Creek Records
PUJOL – Nasty Brutish & Short EP

Useless Eaters – Daily Commute LP
Useless Eaters – C’est Bon LP [RED VINYL COPIES]
Useless Eaters – The Moves EP
Useless Eaters – Cheap Talk/Daily Commute Cassette
Feral Beat – Cold Lover 7″
The Michigan Meltdown compilation LP

Plus a whoooole lot more. Most of the records will be very reasonably priced. We’re talking $5 singles and $10 LPs. Can’t beat that deal. There will be copies of the LIVE at Glenn Danzig’s House 7″ available for purchase at the Pop-Up Shop, but they will be limited to one per customer. They look like the ones pictured above. Coming packaged in a cardboard, hand-stamped sleeve each with a different 4×6 photo print from a show at Glenn Danzig’s House courtesy of Miss Bekah Cope. These are limited to 50 copies and will be available for $5. We love Glenn Danzig’s House still and we want everyone to remember it as fondly as we do. These ones are for the Nashy people only — meaning they won’t be available online at all. And when they’re gone, they’re gone. We should have the other versions available next week online… Same as last year – all money from record sales go directly back to the record labels and bands. This shit is America – YOU KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOU CAN PARTY WHEN YOU WANT.


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