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We’re always glad to hear of new Nashville labels popping up — especially ones that are busting through the gates with a brand new single from our favorite Austin boys. Total BS Records is a new label run by two dudes Ryans: Brush and Sweeney [You’d probably recognize one from Bad Touch and the other from Cheap Time] Their first offering comes to us in the form of a brand new Bad Sports single featuring two absolute rippers – “Stuff” and “Red Overlay”. That’s a pretty high bar you’re setting there, TBS. You can order the new single here – or pick it up at Grimey’s or The Groove if you’re in the Nashville area. If you’ve yet to grab the last Bad Sports single [the one we put out back at the tail end of July – you should jump on it now because we just did a count and it looks like we’ve got less than 10 left] We’d like to wish Orville, Greg, and Daniel a safe trip to-and-from the Puerto Rico — WISH WE WERE THERE, GUYS

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  1. JAH-SH says:

    what a badass logo!!!!

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