After our last run-in with Timmy Vulgar, you would maybe assume that he’d gone out and pursued a full-on career in the TV Cooking biz. Can’t say we’d be disappointed if he had, but we’re glad he’s sticking to the music stuffs, too. Our overseas buddies at Goodbye Boozy just put out word of a brand new Timmy’s Organism single that features two real burners on it. The A-side, “Flyin’ Carpet Love Affair” [which you can check out at the bottom of this post], was recorded back in 2007 while the B-side, which you can hear here, was recorded in ’09. The single comes with 3 different cover variations [95 of each, nerds] and you can shoot an email over to goodbyeboozy[at]tin.it for ordering info. They’re also putting out new singles from Charles Albright and The Hussy that are well worth your hard-earned dollars…

In other Timmy Vulgar/Timmy’s Organism/Human Eye news — his Live at Third Man Records LP is officially out and available for purchase. If you bought a ticket at the show, you can take it in now for your split black and blue copy – or you can scoop the regs black. Either way – it’s a record you should definitely not miss out on.

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