We’re not usually ones to go all rumors-y on you and stuff, but we heard this the other day and we can’t help but get excited and hopeful. Word on the street is that Japan’s legendary Guitar Wolf are gonna be coming our fair little city towards the end of March [March 27th to be exact] and will be gracing the one and only… 12th and Porter. Now – remember – we have no idea if this is actually happening. We’ve talked to a few people who say, “Yeah for sure Guitar Wolf uh huh” and some people that say, “I don’t know, why are you talking to me?” But we are believers and dreamers and we all know it’s been a prettttty long time since Guitar Wolf made their last visit to Music City. We’ll keep asking around and try and find official word on the matter soon, but if there was ever a good excuse to bust out your copy of Wild Zero and get stoked… this is it.

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