Photo by Bekah Cope

Just what JEFF the Brotherhood was doing all that time when they were in the Hawaii, here’s a brand new video for the track “Bummer” off of We Are The Champions that’ll show you just what the Bogus Bros were up to. Makes us totes jelly. We wanna go down to the tropical island and go fishing and hang on the beach and find lizards and not be stuck in these dreary-grey-winter days. But I guess that’s kind of the catch – you gotta make sick jams first. JTB just hit the road with The Kills and are probably coming somewhere near you [if you’re an East Coaster] You can check out all the tour dates right here. They also just unleashed The Brotherhood of Light LP which features different interludes from past releases, old versions of previously released tracks, and some stuff that’s never been released on wax before. Definitely worth the scoop…. and for all the JEFF-heads in the Nashy area — the bros will be back soon enough.

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