The Memetic Society

So the other day when we were making a quick stop by Grimey’s we noticed a couple handfuls of brand new sick looking 45s featuring bands from all over Tennessee that were released by Memetic Records. That then sparked the question, “Who is Memetic Records? They just unloaded a bunch of sick singles out of nowhere and they’re all pretty gnarly.” So we went back home and did a little research [thanks Google] and found that this is a new project called Tennesthesia brought about by the Memetic Society. Culling artists from within the great Tennessee country – from Nashville to Memphis to Chattanooga to Knoxville – they’ve put out singles for Square People, Faux Ferocious, Nite Nite, Fly Golden Eagle, Burning Itch, The Distribution and more. Each single is packaged in a hand-printed sleeve and they all look pretty sick. You can order individual singles from the site right here, or you can order the whole bundle of Tennesthesia singles. For more information about the Memetic Society, visit their site and read up. You can also pick up copies of the aforementioned singles at Grimey’s and The Groove.

Memetic Society is a record label founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our goal is the propagation and proliferation of musical memes. Each idea, each MEME, is an indelible source of inspiration, and a crucial junction in the formation of an autonomous culture. 

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  1. davis says:

    Sweet project.Really cool to be a part of it.

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