Oh our Lort, fuck the winter so much. Everyone wants to stay in their houses and stay warm and not have fun and we are not down with that. Well, sometimes we are. But most of the time we just wanna hang out and rock and roll with our buddies. There’s a good chance to do just that next Saturday night over at The Zombie Shop when The Paperhead, Denney & The Jets, D. Watusi, and Ranch Ghost get together to do their thing. Should be a total party. There might be a few more surprises up our sleeve for the show — so keep your eyes peeled. As you might’ve been able to guess, this is the last Paperhead show they’ll be playing for the next few months since they’ll be returning to school. So don’t miss it. It’s cheap and there’ll be cheap booze and good times for everyone. My teenage lifestyle — awwoooo — teenage lifestyle.

Saturday January 28
:: The Paperhead
:::: Denney & The Jets
:::::: D. Watusi
:::::::: Ranch Ghost
@ The Zombie Shop
$5 – 18+ – 8PM

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