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If you’re anything like us — you’ve probably wondered what fuels the man/myth/legend Timmy Vulgar [of Human Eye, Clone Defects, Timmy’s Organism, etc.] Before catching this video, we probably would’ve guessed that the guy drinks turpentine by the buckets and eats raw meat. But – lo and behold – the dude is a master chef and grubs on sick tacos. We love some tacos. We also think it’s important for every guy to be able to know how to cook, so fellas pay attention. Timmy walks us through the step-by-step process of making slow cooked shredded beef tacos and a couple different salsas and now we are pretttty hungry. Good thing we’re in taco-truck land these days. Check out the video below and prepare to salivate. You can read more about Timmy’s Tacos and get the recipe for his salsa at the Metro Times site. DOIT

Cookin’ with Timmy from Metro Times on Vimeo.

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  1. Bek Biv Photo says:

    I would watch his show if he had one!

  2. mc jar jar says:

    dammmmmn, got a new a ambition

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