“Opportunities are available in all walks of life in Australia. So if you’re young and if you’re healthy – why not get a boat and come to Australia?” Believe me, Mr. Davies, we would if we could and maybe sometime we will — but right now it looks like our KORT brethren have beat us down there. They’ve taken the dip down under for a short stint of shows at this year’s Sydney Festival – check the lineup here. They’ll be performing a couple of shows as KORT [Who’s record, Invariable Heartache is available right here] and then Kurt will shell out a solo show and a Lambchop show. Wish our fair city of Nashy could get in on some of that action. We shouldn’t get our hopes up too high though. From the looks of things, seems like Kurt will be all over the place with Lambchop starting in February. Check out the tour dates here.

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