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We mentioned a while back in our big list of 2012 Nashy anticipations that there would be a new JEFF the Brotherhood LP compiling tracks from previous releases — and it looks like you’ll get a crack at it tomorrow morning. The comp LP, The Brotherhood of Light, has stuff from past albums like Castle Storm and Rafiki’s Vision and lots of stuff they should probably just press copies of anyway because we want that sheeeit. The name of the record, for those who are unaware, comes from when JEFF briefly went as “JEFF The Brotherhood of Light” — it didn’t last incredibly long at all, but still cool. Infinity Cat will have the record up for presale tomorrow morning starting at 10AM with a limited to 100 quantity of coke-clear copies. Jump on it. Word on the street is the boys have been in the studio for the last little bit working up the new record. We’re sure you’ll all hear about it soonly enough though. UNTIL THEN — GHOST RIDE TH’ WHIP TO BERLIN…

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  1. Luke says:

    Thanks for this news guys – we ate it up over at Le Swirl

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