Not entirely sure how we managed to sleep on this one for so long, but Kill Shaman have released a 7″ from Sweden’s Branko that’s totally slaying us right now. It’s an 8-song instrumental 7″ packed with all the gnarly surf and fuzz and afro-beat you can dig. What’s even crazier is that the 7″ comes with a download card that gets you 9 more tracks [That’s 17 tracks altogether. Go ahead, check our math.] You can take a listen to some Branko below and see just exactly what this three piece is bringing to the table. And if that’s not enough for you, then you can head on over to the band’s BandCamp page and hear more. That artwork up there is pretty sick. You’re making us miss Summertime more than we already were, Branko, take it easy on us…

BRANKO! by bryan-levine

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