So the Twenty Twelve is coming up faster than we can even believe. It’s looking like it’ll be a pretty crazy year, too. On top of the apocalypse and all that stuff, there’s a boat-load of music that we’re stoked to get our hands on. We’re gonna take a deeper look into what we know is coming from some of our favorite Nashy bands and hope that you get as stoked for the oh-twelve as we are. If this is the last year we’re all gonna be here, then let’s just party and have fun and put out sick records, right? Right. Something we’ve found ourselves realizing more and more is that 2012 might be known locally as “The Year with Shoes to Fill” — so many of these bands packed out the hits in 2011 and now everyone’s facing the challenge of outdoing themselves. We’ve got a lot of hope and faith though, so let’s get with it. There’s plenty of “TBA”s and lacking information in this post — but whatev…

New LP
Release Date: TBA 

Heavy Cream just spent a little bit of time over in San Francisco working on their new LP with goldenboy, Ty Segall. Looks like they were also working with Mr. Eric Bauer [Melted, Castlemania, pretty much anything SF] Not sure when we should be expecting the album to actually drop, but you know we’re mondo stoked for it. All signs point to an Infinity Cat release though, which should come as no surprise. If you’ve caught the Cream in the last few months then you’ve probably heard their newer material which points to a much more developed and tougher sound [not like we didn’t like the party jams, but this direction is warmly welcomed] I mean, just check out their split 7″ with RTX — SHIT IS TITE

Debut LP
Release Date: Summer 2012 

The Watusi clan have played a bunch of shows this year [too many to really keep an accurate count of] and it looks like they’ll be continuing to do so into the new year. After releasing two singles last year [NDR, Cass] the guys have setup to record their debut full length album [tentatively slated for a Summer ‘012 release date] On top of that, it looks like they’ll be contributing to a Kinks compilation record featuring the likes of White Wires, King Lollipop, Marble Vanity, and more that you can check out here.

Debut 7″ [Jeffrey Drag Records]
Release Date: Early 2012 

If there’s been a local band killing it harder than Ranch Ghost in the last few months, we’d like to hear it. Every time we hear about a sick show going down, it seems like these guys find themselves somewhere on the bill. After a couple cassette releases, they’ll be getting their first proper vinyl treatment in the early parts of the ‘012 courtesy of Jeffrey Drag Records. You can catch them one more time before the ‘o-leven is outta here on New Year’s Eve at The End. Sure to be a ball. Not totally sure, but we think the new single was recorded with J-Ferg over at Battletapes [Oh, Jer-bear, can you do no wrong?]

Debut 7″ [Turbo Time Records]
Release Date: Spring 2012

This was probably meant to be a 2011 release, but with the heads of Turbo Time Records being as busy as they are — it looks like we’ll have even more to look forward to in 2012. This is Fox Fun’s first release and we feel pretty confident saying it’s a total pop gem. Recorded at Battletapes Studio and crafted by the mind of Jeremy Ferguson, we’re stoked to get a copy on wax that we can DeeJuh on the reg. According to the guys, it’s slated for a springtime release. We can’t think of anything we would want more on our tables when the sun starts hanging around the weather starts feeling fine.

New LP
Release Date: TBA

We got money on this one. This new record, the follow-up to 2010’s Echo Kid, is a record that we think is gonna take Turbo Fruits to that next level. They’ve been touring like crazy over the last couple years and putting out singles left and right and it doesn’t look like there’s much to stand in their way at this point. They made a trip down to Austin to record with Jim Eno of Spoon fame [He also had a hand in that new Strange Boys record] No word as to when we should be expecting the release to hit the streets, but you know we’ll keep you posted.

United States of Being 
Release Date: TBA

Guys, it’s finally happening…. PUJOL is finally releasing a proper full-length LP. It is going to feel so good to hold that in our hands. After a few cassettes, a handful of singles, a live LP, a CD, and a 10″ from Saddle Creek this Fall — we’re finally going to be able to spin a full length album from PUJOL. He’s been busy recording over the last month with Jeremy Ferguson [just for the sake of keeping track, that’s the 3rd time we’ve mentioned his name] From the bits we’ve heard and seen recorded, it’s going to be everything we’ve dreamed of. The much talked about TCB24/7 is also slated for a 2012 release. So keep your eyes peeled. If you still haven’t picked up the Nasty Brutish and Short EP — do so here. Catch him at The End on New Year’s Eve.

Release Date: ???

These guys totally have us by the hook. We’re not even sure if they’ll be releasing anything physically in the 2012, but we’re just that hopeful. The four-piece [featuring a Reid Magette and a Bows & Arrow] have been playing in and around town for the last few months and have a handful of recordings up for previewing at their bandcamp. Before this year started to wrap-up, we had caught word that they’ve been recording a lot of new material and hopefully we’ll get to lay our ears on that soonly. No more shows lined up for the rest of the year, but we feel pretty confident saying that you should expect to see them quite a bit next year.

Debut LP [Infinity Cat Records]
Release Date: Spring 2012 

It feels like we’ve been talking and anticipating the release of the debut Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders record for a while now. The anticipation is only growing though. After two solid singles [the first from Baby Don’t and the most recent from Infinity Cat] Cy and co will be releasing their first LP in the early part of 2012. It’ll come to you courtesy our fave-babes at ICat and is sure to be a total ripper. We’re expecting a lot from the Way Outsiders in the coming year and we don’t plan on being disappointed at all. You can catch them one more time before the year runs dry at the Zombie Shop on New Year’s Eve.

New LP [Infinity Cat Records]
Release Date: Fall 2012 

The Planeteers have had quite a year for themselves: two singles under their belt, a well-received debut album, a song on a MTV cartoon [airs Dec. 29th]… don’t think you could ask for a better time. The 2012 year will bring them lots and lots of touring. According to the guys they’ve got 4 different tours already lined up [one with Boston’s Skimask, one with JEFF, one with Mean Jeans, and one we’re not allowed to talk about yet] Somewhere in the midst of all that, they plan on recording the follow up to Loose Jewels — but we don’t think you should expect to hear any of it until maybe Fall-time. Catch them at Zombie Shop on NYE too

New LP, Compilation LP, and world domination
Release Date: TBA 

If there’s something we never have to worry about but are always stoked for, it’s a new JEFF the Brotherhood record. They guys have big shoes to fill after We Are The Champions, but we don’t think they’ll have any trouble. They’re also slated to release an LP early sometime next year that’s a compilation of older songs. Not exactly sure what that means or why they don’t just press Castle Storm… but you know we’ll be picking it up. That’ll come via Infinity Cat [duh] The guys just wrapped up a couple weeks playcation in Hawaii for Volcom but they’re home now. If you see them on the street, congratulate them on being the best band ever.

Debut LP [Infinity Cat Records]
Release Date: TBA

Old D and the J’s. After a quick change of drummer, it seems like The Jets have been rocking and rolling all over the place and are looking to take on 2012 head on. Their debut 7″ was released not too long ago from Infinity Cat [they’ll also be doing the LP] and is still available right here as a part of their Econoline Series. After seeing so many shows and wondering when we’d be able to get our hands on something, it’s good to know that we can count on a full length from the guys sometime soon. The new album picks up right where the Killing Machine EP left off with all the Stones-y chops you can handle. They’ll be playing one more gig before the year’s up out in Knoxville at The Pilot Light with Natural Child. Speaking of Natural Child…

New LP, Reissue LP, New 7″
Release Date: TBA

So in 2011 we had 1971 – and now with 2012 on the horizon we’ll get…. a couple of new(ish) records from our favorite Natural Children. A brand new record from the boys has been recorded and should see light sometime in the first parts of oh-twelf. If you’ve seen the guys around town anytime recently, then you’ve probably gotten a taste of what it has to offer. The other record we might maybe see from them is an LP version of Bodyswitchers [Remember that cassette that came out a while ago from Infinity Cat that you may have missed out on? Yeah it’s sick] That’s just something we heard on the street though — so don’t bank on it. We also just got word from Kind Turkey Records [home of The Hussy and others] that they’ll be releasing a brand new Natural Child 7″ in early 2k12. Anyway, year of the Child. Kick off your ‘012 at Zombie Shop with them.

New 7″
Release Date: Spring 2012

At this point, we’ll take any Paperhead material we can get. The guys only get so much time every year to record and play shows and tour due to their academic pursuits, but – hey – they make the best of it. Word is there should be a new Paperhead single seeing release in the coming months. We’ve heard some of the stuff from their last recording session and things are about to get entirely next level. Plans are for another LP sometime in the year… fingers crossed.

New LPs, New singles [Southpaw, Jolly Dream]
Release Date: Early 2012 

Useless Eaters, congratulation. You have just won the task of having to outdo yourself after being the most productive and consistently good band in 2011. We have faith though. In the last twelve months, Seth Sutton has released a few singles [NDR, Goodbye Boozy], a few LPs [Cheap Talk, Daily Commute – both Tic Tac Totally], a new EP [Zulu – P Trash, Gold Tapes] and in the next few months we’ll get a brand new LP [C’est Bon – Southpaw Records] and another EP [courtesy of Jolly Dream] So what else could be on Seth’s plate? He’s teamed up with Heavy Cream for a bit and has Feral Beat running the ropes now, too. Someone just go ahead and give this guy a million dollars and thank him for saving rock and roll.

New LP [In The Red]
Release Date: Early 2012

After snagging the “Another Time” single from Cass Records [Number 4 of the Cheap Time Single Series] we’ve been waiting and waiting to hear what else Jeffrey’s got up his sleeve. We’ve caught bits and pieces of it and think it might be some of the strongest Cheap Time material we’ve heard since the Spoiled Brat days. In The Red will be bringing this one to you in the early early parts of ‘012. We caught Cheap Time at the tail-end of November with Mannequin Men at The Springwater and it was one of the best live sets we’ve seen in a long time. If you were there then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Just non-stop brutal rock and roll. Aside from a new Cheap Time record, we can expect….

New LP [In The Red]
Release Date: Early 2012 

The second solo album from Jeffrey, Baron in The Trees, was originally slated for a 2011 release but it looks like it’s been pushed to the 2012 calendar. Fine by us. The video and single off the record “Here Comes Snakeman” can be seen right here. It’s pretty sick. All the Jeff Novak you can handle. Word on the street is that this should see a very early 2012 release right around the same time as the new Cheap Time record. Stoked.

New LP
Release Date: TBA

Tristen’s been a busy girl this year. Released a couple of singles [including a brand new Christmas single that you can snag right here] and a killer album – Charlatans at The Garden Gate. The record received piles of glowing reviews – and deservedly so – but, like Useless Eaters and JEFF and a lot of other people in this rundown, she now faces the task of outdoing herself. We caught a glimpse of some newer tracks the last time we caught her live act and it’s got us excited to hear how this shit sounds on wax. Last we heard — she’d been working on the record with Jer-bear Ferguson [that’s 4 times now] We have a feeling that you won’t be able to escape knowing about this record/release — so stay tuned.

New Record
Release Date: Sooner than Later 

The 2011 year witnessed Gnarwhal’s transition to a two-piece band and 2012 brings the new wave of sick jams to come from the boys. They wrapped up a pretty lengthy tour this Fall and released Duane earlier on in the Spring/Summer and now have plans to record a new record that we’ll catch in ‘012. If you haven’t caught them as a two-piece yet, we highly suggest checking it out. Like you’d probably expect, transforming a band down to two members makes you focus on what they’re doing much more intently. These two guys got some serious chops and it doesn’t seem like they could give a shit if you cared or not — which immediately makes us care a lot more.

New LP
Release Date: TBA 

William’s solo debut came out in late late 2010 from Tompkins Square and we think it’s a record that will more than stand the test of time. A new album from Willy is slated for release this year [we’re assuming from Tompkins Square again, but can’t say for sure] If we’re recalling correctly, it was recorded right around Summer’s end. Behold The Spirit is one of the best guitar records we’ve heard in the last 5 or so years and we can’t wait to hear what William has for us next.


Welllll, getting kind of tired of typing here. And our excitement for 2012 is starting to build and we should probably cool down for a bit. To wrap things up though, here’s a list of bands we’re not sure if we should be expecting something from, but we’re gonna be hopeful anyway:

The Cannomen
New Pleasure
Reid Magette
King Karl
Feral Beat
Tyler Family Band
The Black Faces
Mom & Dad

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