As we get ready to jump head first into the 2k12, we’re getting more and more excited about what the year has to offer. So far we’ve got our ears ready for killer new Nashville records from Cheap Time, Heavy Cream, Tristen, Natural Child, Denney & The Jets, Turbo Fruits, Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders, Gnarwhal and lots lots more. Including the first proper debut LP from PUJOL. Word on the street is that he and the boys are back in town and getting started on the brand new record now with Battletapes. It’s been a long time coming and we’re so ready to own a real full length album from the Puj [A million singles and EPs and CDs and cassettes might be enough to keep us from being too hungry, but nothing like an LP to really make you feel full, ya know?] Best of luck to the guys and everyone else working on the new records right now. We feel pretty confident saying that Nashville has been killing it the last two years and – from the looks of things – 2012 is gonna sit nicely under the belt, too. PUJOL’s new LP should see release sometime this Spring. You’ll know when it happens.

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