You know, we’re not hard to please around here. Give us a shitty beat up 45 or a gnarly comp or some weird reissue and we’ll be satisfied for a while. Thanks to our buddies at Coney Dog Records — we got pretty much all three of those. Coney Dog just released this killer Michigan Meltdown LP compiling some of Michigan and Detroit’s long lost gems that you’ve never heard. For real, the whole record is a total trip. There’s not a lot of information floating around out there about this one, but we can definitely vouch that it’s worth picking up. It’s not your typical comp of trashy prepubescent garage tracks — this one leans more towards reflecting the fucked up state of Michigan during a certain era. Like it says in the brief description on the Midheaven site, most of the songs focus on Satan and drug abuse and intergalactic travel. Limited to 500 copies on standard black vinyl and housed in some pretty sick artwork [Seriously, that cover fucking rules] you can snag it from our buddies at Midheaven right now for a very reasonable $14. You don’t want to miss out on such hits as Astaroth’s “Salanispiritus”  We’d like to extend a recommendation to the boys at Coney Dog Records: if there is to be a Michigan Meltdown Vol.II — could you include some Salem Witchcraft? Maybe some Rock and Roll Lover?? No? Fine.

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