Ranch Ghost

We hope if you live in the Nashville area and go to shows that you’ve had the chance to catch Ranch Ghost. They’ve been playing in and out and around town for the last few months and we’re hoping to hear more from them soon. They had a split-cassette come out not too long ago with Majestico that was a live recording from a show at Mt. Swag, but we’re not sure if copies of that are still lingering around — we suggest hitting the fellas up and asking for yourself. Word on the street is that the boys stopped by our favorite Battletapes a while back and cooked up some jams. Not sure exactly when we should be expecting to hear them or get our hands on them, but there’s a new recording called Lookin’ they uploaded last night that you can check out below. Sounds sick. You can catch the guys November 19th at The End.

Lookin’ by Ranch Ghost

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