So in the last month or so we’ve had to hear the terrible news about Slowtrain in Salt Lake City, the potentially bad news about Criminal Records in Atlanta, and just the other day about our buddies at Ear X-Tacy closing up shop in Louisville. And while that may seem like things are in despair and we’re headed for dark times — the boys over at the Matablog have us wanting to believe otherwise. Contributor, Michael, wrote a piece that we highly encourage reading because it’ll not only ease the pain of recent closure announcements, but maybe even insight a little positivity and hopefulness about how the independent music market is growing. We’re fortunate enough here in Nashville to have a few record shops that seem to get plenty of love [we’re looking at you — Grimey’s, The Groove, Great Escape(s), Ernest Tubb, Phonoluxe, blah blah blah — we love you] So – go read it – then go buy some records. Because, you know, AIN’T NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING BABY.

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